Do obstacles get you there faster?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the process of building a business. It’s never straightforward. You may have the best business plan, but the trajectory is rarely a straight line; it’s more of a roller coaster, right? 

When I started my personal VA business, finding clients was fine, but figuring out the logistics of running my business took a lot of work. I had no contract templates, invoicing methods, or even a website. I had to figure all of that out from scratch. I learned new stuff every day, and the more I talked to other small-business owners, the more I was made aware of things I had never thought of.

For example, I remember after I made my first business cards, a colleague told me the font was hard to read (after I had painstakingly picked that font) and that it was nice that the back of the card was all white so folks could write notes on it (which was actually a printing error but I didn’t want to waste all of my brand new cards on a reprint!). I know these are minor points, but wouldn’t you think that making business cards would be one of the SIMPLER tasks when building a business?

However, if I hadn’t had these “learning moments, ” would my business thrive like it does today? Did these lessons actually ramp up my business or teach me something that helped my company grow? This thought made me think of a YouTube video I watched the other day. It reinforced that entrepreneurship, like the path of these balls, isn’t linear and that the quickest way to your goal often has the most bumps in the road.

Which of these balls will get to the goal the fastest, the one with the obstacles or the one going in a straight line? Click the picture below to find out.

Cool Shit

I’ve been using Capcut lately. It’s an app you can download on your phone or desktop that helps you make and edit videos—or, more specifically, make your videos more fun! I’ve been trying their cutout feature, which allows me to use a green screen to superimpose images over a backdrop I provide. It’s a bit like creating a Reel on Instagram, but it has more features (and works well with Instagram and TikTok, so you can create your video on CapCut and then upload it to social media to fine-tune it). There’s a paid option, but for the most part, the free version works just fine.

(We aren’t paid to say this, I promise! It’s just something fun I’ve been using lately.)


Cool Show I’m Watching

I’m not watching it yet because it has yet to be released! On April 26, “Thank you, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story” will be streaming in its four-part glory on Hulu (USA) and Disney+ (Canada/Australia). To say I’m excited doesn’t even scratch the surface. Mark your calendars, create a countdown, and plan your viewing party. You can thank me later.

Shiny New Object I (DIDN’T) Avoid

I did NOT avoid it; I went all in! My family and I are as environmentally aware as possible. In the last few years, we have installed solar panels, paid extra for enhanced home recycling options, started using a tankless water heater, ramped up our composing, reduced our consumption of single-use plastics, and subscribed to wind power (among other things). Last month, we made the monumental change to 100% electric vehicles (two new cars in one weekend!). We have installed home charging and are deeply entrenched in learning about the world of EVs (STEEP learning curve!). So far, so good! And yes, my new car is SHINY and BRIGHT BLUE!

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Talk with you soon!

 Steph and the rest of the Leadership Ally Team