Read This Before You Burn Out

I had someone reach out to me recently who is working for a previous client of mine. She mentioned several things that reminded me just how overworked I used to be. When I stepped away from that client, I was so burned out I felt allergic to my computer for at least 3 months. It physically hurt to even open my laptop. It took me about a year to start feeling like I was back to my normal self.

Don’t let yourself get to that point!

It’s so important to set boundaries and then STICK WITH THEM. You must stand by your boundaries so that you do not allow anyone to make demands of your time that do not work for you. If you have a client that requires immediate answers, and you do not have that level of availability, you must have a conversation around that and do what works for you. If your client does not respect your request, you must move on.

Ways to Care for Yourself and Avoid Burnout

  • Set boundaries (as mentioned)
  • Take breaks!
    • Drink water – get a big cup (or 2) so that if you are distracted, you have a decent supply at the ready
    • Eat
  • Make time to have fun or do joyful activities
  • Ask for help
  • Give honest (but respectful) feedback
  • Move your body – go for a walk, get a desk treadmill

I know all of these tips sound obvious and simple, but these are also the easy things to overlook when you are busy. Just being mindful about your physical needs and your boundaries can make a huge difference in combating burnout.

Cool Thing I Found

I found this calendar scheduler recently called Zcal, and I really liked it, especially if you are using Google Workspace. Zcal gives you two meeting types for free (30 min and 60 min) for free. It was very easy to setup. It also lets you copy and paste a list of available times for the next few days into an email, where each time is a link that the person can click to book an appointment. I thought that was a nice feature. I did not try to integrate with Teams or Zoom, so I can’t speak to that portion, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Cool Show I’m Watching

Ok, listen… don’t judge me. Once upon a time there was a very popular show that everyone was watching. But when it came out, it was a very busy time in my life with a toddler, and then later I had 2 more kids, so I just didn’t have the time when it was happening. The show? Big Bang Theory. I KNOW. I can feel the shock. lol But I’m watching it now, and I love it. It’s not something you can easily work while having it on because you’ll miss too many jokes. So I’ve been watching it at night, and I’m really enjoying it. If you are like me and missed this chunk of television history, I recommend checking it out. Or if you want to relive the joy, it’s on Max.

Shiny New Object I Jumped Into Head First

I got the best new object you can get… I got a doggy! We rescued a 7 month old puppy. There’s nothing better to force you to take breaks than a puppy! I’ve been going outside with my sweet little dog, and it’s been really good for me. He’s a pit bull/terrier/plott hound mix of some kind. My kids named him Leo, and he’s such a good boy (mostly). 🙂

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Talk with you soon!

Lara & The Leadership Ally Team