Virtual Friendships are Lifelines

In the fast-paced world of online business management, we often find ourselves navigating through tasks solo, buried in the digital trenches of productivity. While our roles demand efficiency and expertise, they can also lead to a sense of isolation as we work independently behind screens. But what if I told you that amidst this solitude, there’s a treasure trove of support, inspiration, and collaboration waiting to be unlocked?

The team at Leadership Ally have never met in person! We’re going to change that soon. 🙌

We meet on Zoom once per week and this connection has been powerful! It brought us to create a kick ass business together, but more than that, we’ve gained lifelong friends and we continuously support each other.

Virtual friendships are not just social connection, they are lifelines that transform the way we work and thrive.

We share insight, seek advice, collaborate on client projects, and celebrate victories together.

Stop working tirelessly behind your screen and navigating this fast-paced, demanding work all alone.

Join us in the Virtual Hive and let’s connect! We’ll be planning regular meet-ups soon and can’t wait to see you!


Cool Shit

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. You can securely share and access passwords from any device at any time and instantly autofill your passwords into saved sites of your choice. I could NOT live without it!


Shiny New Object

Descript transcribes your video using AI and then it gives you a document on-screen that you can use to edit your video. All you need to do is move and delete chunks of text to edit the video. Descript is great for long form content. You drop video footage into Descript, get the AI transcript, and then go through and remove any of the bad takes – SO quickly! I still love Premiere Pro for very polished marketing videos and a better timeline experience for editing. If you want to produce quick edits and you’re not worried about awkward jump cuts in your content, then text editing with Descript is worth it.

If you want to connect with us, please join our Virtual Hive community on Facebook.

Talk with you soon!

Tricia and the rest of the Leadership Ally Team